“Doing business means to act humanely: For and with people.”


I am a management consultant, team developer and agile and business coach. And I am a passionate team player. For a long time, I have been working in publishing and IT. Today, I work across industries. What else? I am married with three children, and I love music, literature and travelling.


I assist businesses, teams and individuals in being more successful, better and more satisfied in what they are doing and in their ways to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

Doing & Expertise

I support and assist my clients in change phases using

  • Moderation, workshop & training formats
  • Coaching techniques for teams and individuals
  • Providing background information and giving methodological input:
    • Leadership & ( Self-) Management
    • Performance & Motivation
    • Change Management
    • Stress and Conflict Management
    • Agile Management (Scrum, Kanban, Management 3.0, Management Y)
    • General Communication Skills
    • Innovation & Creativity Methodology
    • Prevention and good handling Burnout crises


For me, success is one of the most important human needs, because it leads to self-affirmation and satisfaction. Therefore, real success is based on strong inner motivation. I am convinced that success is only possible through joint action for and with people. Business activity simply and foremost means: acting humanly. It is necessary to bear this in mind, if you want to fundamentally and successfully change yourself, your team or even the entire company. In change projects, you’ll be able to successfully guide and lead others, when you know what you are aiming for – and why! Being certain about the purpose of your planned activities will prepare you for the work with people and the conflicts, which inevitably will occur. Only if you know why you are doing things, you’ll be able to deal with them in a good and creative manner. Only then you will be satisfied with the outcome. So: What do you want to do? And: Why?


Business training in retail, followed by university studies in Munich with degree Master of Arts. Simultaneously working as an editor in the publishing industry. Then living and working abroad in Dublin/Ireland, International sales and project experience in the IT industry. Return to Germany and work for two major international publishing companies. In twelve years, several sales, service and IT-related positions with managerial responsibility. My roles: project, key account & department manager. Freelancing since 2013.